Computer Tables

A computer desk is an ergonomically designed piece of furniture that has been specifically made to provide a working surface and house or conceal computers, peripherals and cabling. It is a modern desk form and offers an efficient and ergonomic solution for office and home-office users. It often features an adjustable keyboard tray and boats of sufficient desktop space for handwriting. Usually computer desks feature provisions for a monitor shelf and holes for easy routing of cables, thereby making it easier to connect and assemble the various computer components together. A typical computer desk provides space for a keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer and speakers. Some computer desks also feature holes, trays and shelves for additional computer components. Computer desks may also feature adjustable drawing tables and/or drafting tables. Home computer desks come in a wide range of designs and sizes. A corner computer desk is designed so as to minimise its space footprint and to fit a corner in the house, and is well suited for cramped urban homes. Computer desks incorporating greater usage of glass are extremely popular. Computer desks can be bought off the shelf or can be built as per the requirements of the buyer. Most computer desks come in self assembly kits and can be pieced together using normal everyday home tools.